Testimonials & Endorsements

Here is What Clergymen, Parents and Children are Saying About the Children’s Rosary

Cardinal Sean O’Malley blesses members of the Children’s Rosary at Sacred Heart Church in Middleboro, Massachusetts USA

Grandfather from Cork Ireland

Ciarán O Riordan attended the Children’s Rosary with his grandchildren at the Church of the Ascension in Cork, Ireland. He shared his experiences during a virtual informational meeting about the Children’s Rosary.
It is absolutely beautiful what you are doing. Thank you so much for the grace you have sent us because it is needed so, so, so much. Without family prayer the church can do nothing really. There is nothing the priest can do or the bishops can do if the families aren’t praying. Vatican II has taught us so much about the place of the lay person in the Church. I’m a married widower, but I have grandchildren, and my place is handing on the faith to those children and strengthening them. What a joy to see little children kneeling before our Blessed Lord praying our Blessed Mother’s Rosary. It’s such a beautiful thing, and children take to the Rosary like “ducks to water.” I have a grandson, and he’s like any other eight-year-old. He’s a little rough… you know what I mean. He was there, and the lady running the Rosary was anxious about whether they would be able to manage all the decades . . . they were delighted. They were able to manage all the decades and he wanted to do the readings as well and the meditations as well. It really encouraged him. They talk about “by their fruits you shall know them”. When he and his sister came home, the first thing they ran upstairs, and they started looking for their miraculous medals to put them back on – they had lost them as usual. Since that night, they’ve come to my house every night to pray the Rosary, and one of their uncles actually joined in with them to say a decade, and that is an absolute miracle. He joined in with the children to say the Rosary. That’s what you’ve done and that’s what you’re doing worldwide, and there is nothing, nothing as warm-hearted as that because the families are devastated, society is devastated, the schools are devastated, and the country is devastated. We must bring back the family Rosary and that’s what you’re doing, and thank you so much for what you’ve done.

Vatican Site Endorses Children's Rosary

In 2023 the Vatican completed a section of their website profiling the Children’s Rosary. The purpose of this site is to present bishops who visit the Vatican with “best practices from many different Bishop’s Conferences, dioceses and private institutions. The website is intended to be a point of reference for different pastoral agents, at a parish, diocesan or national level.” We are most grateful for this promotion of the Children’s Rosary from the highest levels of the Church.