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A Journey from Kenya to Tanzania to Retrieve Rosaries for the Children

  Today we received this beautiful picture of the Children’s Rosary at St. Mary’s Church in Simba, Kenya (see above). Br. Cleophus traveled 6 hours to Moshi, Tanzania to retrieve 2,000 handmade rosaries we had sent. These rosaries we

Christmas with members of the Children’s Rosary at St. Stephen School, Kenya

Br. Cleophus sent pictures from his visit to members of the Children’s Rosary at St. Stephen School.  The school was named after St. Stephen whose feast was December 26th. We had an opportunity to visit this school while in Kenya in the su

St. Mary’s Messenger Magazine Features Children’s Rosary "Patiently Waiting" Campaign

We are excited to share that St. Mary’s Messenger recently featured an article about the Children’s Rosary “Patiently Waiting” Campaign in their Christmas 2021 issue. St. Mary’s Messenger is a magazine similar to Highlig

Happy Feast of the Holy Family 2021

  During the Octave of Christmas the Feast days come one after the other.  It is such a blessed time of the year one might become overwhelmed.  However, the Feast of the Holy Family is something that deserves particular attention. &nbs

A Christmas Gift from the Children’s Rosary 2021

  Merry Christmas from the Children’s Rosary. Here in West Hartford, Connecticut, USA, the home of the Children’s Rosary, we had a white Christmas. Snow began falling just after midnight on December 24 and continued through the morni

Patiently Waiting in Simba, Kenya

  Yesterday we received this picture from Simba, Kenya. One of our Children’s Rosary group leaders at St. Mary’s Church had placed a “Patiently Waiting” sign in his window. He joins others across the globe who are pa

Patiently Waiting in Scotland

We recently received the image above from Glasgow, Scotland. This family is participating along with others across the globe in the Patiently Waiting Campaign. This sign which reads “Patiently Waiting” is a gentle reminder of where their

Patiently Waiting in Connecticut, USA

  We are excited to show people participating in the Children’s Rosary Patiently Waiting Campaign in Connecticut, USA. The rectory at St. Thomas the Apostle Parish in West Hartford, Connecticut has their sign up in the window (see the bric

Patiently Waiting in County Louth, Ireland

One our new Children’s Rosary group leaders sent a few pictures from County Louth. The children are participating in the Children’s Rosary Patiently Waiting Campaign. The note we received today said: Our children from Philipstown Early Ch