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Pray for Albert - February 16, 2021Anonymous1Feb 16, 2021
Please pray his electrical power come back up. He has been without power since Sunday night. Pray for all of my family and friends without electrical power. Please we need prayer.
Prayers for our BishopsAnonymous1Jan 14, 2021
Lord please bless, protect and guide our bishops
Familia/Salud Anonymous1Jan 04, 2021
Por la salud de mi mamá Maruja y de mi hermano Aquiles. Gracias infinitas. Amen.
New born baby and son-in-lawMamie 1Jan 03, 2021
A new born baby, weighing about 3 pounds, is struggling to survive. Please pray that our lady will hold that little baby for healing and comfort. Prayers for mom and dad also please. Son-in-law has diabetes and has an infection in the bone of his toe. Is not healing and may have to do surgury on the toe. Please pray for healing for both of them. Thank you so much.
PEACELILY 1Jan 03, 2021
Por los niños abusados por mayores.Anonymous1Dec 28, 2020
Que todos los niños del mundo se unan para pedir que esto cese.
Por estas intencionesde Argentina 1Oct 28, 2020
Por el Papa, la Iglesia, la Paz, las Vocaciones, y en Reparación a los Corazones de Jesús y María.
For John, R.I.P.Anonymous4Oct 11, 2020
Please pray for John, who passed away on Friday. Thank you.
Familia/Salud Anonymous1Sep 30, 2020
Por la salud de mi Mamá Maruja.
FamiliaAnonymous1Sep 30, 2020
Por mi noviazgo y matrimonio católico.
Por todos los niños de Venezuela CIRA MAITE 3Aug 17, 2020
Rosario de niños
SaludAnonymous4Jul 01, 2020
Padre Eterno te pedimos por la salud de J. C. T. R de 8 años de edad. recientemente operado para que se recupere pronto.
prayer requestStephen 5Jun 24, 2020
Prayers requested for Fr. Stephen A. 
Empleo Anonymous3Jun 03, 2020
Dios mío y Señor mio te pido un empleo bien remunerado para mi y para mi familia. Gracias
Mi FuturoAnonymous3May 29, 2020
orar por my grandchildAnonymous2May 25, 2020
orar por el buen nacimiento de mi nieto(a)
FamiliaAnonymous2May 21, 2020
Por mi matrimonio católico. Gracias infinitas. Amen.
Por la Salud y BienestarAnonymous3May 19, 2020
Querido Ashel, saludos cordiales desde Guatemala, pido que recen por mi hermano José Uvaldo, es el Policía, quiero que recen por el y pido la intercesión de muestra Madre Virgen que lo proteja hoy y siempre para que no se contagie del Covid-19 y permanezca con buena salud. También oramos por ustedes ya que están haciendo lo posible de que llegue y se profundice a mas paises el rezo del Rosario de Niños.
Tristeza restauraciónSandro Moreno Herrera 2May 19, 2020
Por el eterno descanso de mi madre Esperanza H. G. y por la restauración y reconciliación en la relacion entre Nohora B. C. Castellanos y Sandro M. H.
Promesas de DiosManuel Andrés Navarrete 3May 19, 2020
Hago la petición de las promesas y gracias que Dios me ha prometido
Oración por mi embarazoMarianela 3May 19, 2020
Pido oración por mi embarazo, estoy en Venezuela y me ha dado mucha angustia toda la situación que estamos viviendo en este país, también por los embarazos de todas las mujeres que se encuentran en mí misma situación para que sus bebés nazcan sanos ! También pido por Venezuela para que todo sea resuelto en Santa Paz!
Por mis nietos Ximena Gabriela 2May 19, 2020
Pido por favor oren por mis nietos Destiny de 7 años y Maximus de 1 año y 9 meses Destiny necesita cambiar su carácter y aceptar a Dios y amarlo . Mi Maximus no habla todavía pido la misericordia de Dios y que le suelte su lengua
PetitionAnonymous5May 19, 2020
For my family.
Por la unidad de mi familiaGabriel 6May 19, 2020
Por la santificacion de mi familia y por el matrimonio de mis padres.
For my sonCecille 7May 06, 2020
Please pray for my son, his six years old. He\'s very much afraid of being in the dark and sleeping alone, which is not the case. He\'s brother, 3 years old sleeps with him in the same room, he reacts in every noise and very much afraid. He has trouble sleeping at night and sometimes it takes forever for him to fall asleep.
oración y gratitudArgentina 2May 04, 2020
Por el fin del aborto en el mundo y para Jesús y la Virgen conserven la inocencia y la Gracia Bautismal en los niños. ¡Gracias a todos los miembros del "Rosario de Niños"! Jesucristo dijo "dejad que los niños vengan a Mí". Ustedes son la alegría de la Iglesia.
por estos niñosExploradores 2May 04, 2020
Por los Exploradores de María Auxiliadora y por la Infancia de ARCADEI, por su santificación y por sus familias
oración y gratitudde Argentina 2May 03, 2020
Por el fin del aborto en el mundo, y para que Dios conserve a los niños en su inocencia y en la Gracia Bautismal. ¡Gracias \"Niños del Rosario\" por sus oraciones! Ustedes llenan de alegría a la Iglesia.
Por estas intencionesFray Miguel 6May 02, 2020
Por Argentina y por el mundo entero, por la santificación de los niños y en Reparación al Corazón Eucarístico de Jesús y al Inmaculado Corazón de María. Dios los bendiga.
MercyDavid 2May 01, 2020
For the repose of the soulPatty 5Apr 11, 2020
For the repose of the soul of Bob Bialach
End to this pandemicAnonymous9Mar 19, 2020
Dear Lord, have mercy on our lost souls. Please end this pandemic. Help us find a solution and stop this spread. Show us a miracle and end this. May we continue to show compassion and kindness with each other even after the end of this. We pray in your name Lord-Amen
Adoption of IsaacAnonymous6Feb 26, 2020
My son Matthew and his wife are foster parents for Isaac and hopefully they will be able to adopt him. Please pray that DCF see the light and recommends adoption.
Family conversionsAnonymous6Jan 24, 2020
Please pray for 8 family conversions and those that are a bad influence on them. Praying for over 10 years and there is no sign of any one converting
Pray for JQ and her intentionsAnonymous4Jan 24, 2020
Get appointment with JQ soon
Marriage problemsAnonymous10Jan 24, 2020
Heal a very broken marriage & the children
Financial problemsAnonymous6Jan 24, 2020
Please pray for all our financial problems. PR ignoring accountants advice but family member will try to convince him that the advice is good & he needs to do as advised. Also need a suitable new business opportunity
Pray for those sick with the fluMartha 3Jan 17, 2020
So many students, teachers and our pastor have been sick with the flu. Please pray for their speedy recovery.
Job problems Mamie 3Jan 17, 2020
My son in law applied for a new job and was hired. He let his old company know that he was leaving soon. Then he got a message that his high school transcript could not be found so that meant he didn't pass his background check so he could no longer be hired by the company. Apparently when his school burned down the records were lost. He contacted his original company ask for his job back and refused. He is waiting to hear back from the new company to see if they will reconsider. Any prayers be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
For my country ChileAnonymous5Dec 08, 2019
for the conversion of my country Chile and its consecration to the maternal protection of the Virgin Mary
Jean G.LUBI 5Dec 04, 2019
Could you please pray for my Mother-in-law, Jean who is dying. Thank you. St. Joseph, foster Father of Jesus Christ and true Spouse of the Virgin Mary, pray for us and for the suffering and dying of this day.
Oracion por NicolasAnonymous5Nov 13, 2019
ORACION POR EL SEMINARIOAnonymous3Nov 13, 2019
San jose te ruego por la difusion de la novena a san jose, todo se haga según tu voluntad, la novena, toque almas, para asi conseguir la casa de formación para los seminaristas de la obra del Niño Jesus
Conception of baby for Heather Ryan 4Nov 06, 2019
please pray for Heather and Clive, that they can successfully conceive and bring their baby to full term.
Prayer for dying manLUBI 3Oct 25, 2019
Could you please pray for Frantisek K., who is dying of cancer. Thank you.
Pray for Fr. Al, our Pastor and our ChurchNancy 5Oct 23, 2019
Our parish priest is struggling to balance the church budget -- giving is way up, but it is still not enough. The church's furnace is 100 years old, the roof is leaking, so it needs a new furnace and new roof. The church building was also damaged in the Washington DC earthquake, and some classrooms are still not fully repaired. Even though all these problems were there before he was sent to us, and his inspired, caring ministry has built up the church from 50 to 500 people with many young families, a very few are trying to blame Fr. Al for not finishing the repairs yet. He needs prayer for protection from false accusations, and wisdom to lead the parish, and for God to bring generous donors and grantors to complete repairs of the church. The building itself is historic, with beautiful stained glass windows of Jesus, the Apostles, and Mother Mary. It is almost 200 years old. The church is like an Icon of Christ in stone! Please pray for Fr. Al and the whole church. We need a miracle!
Children's Rosary Prayer Group to start in Oakham, UKAnonymous20Oct 01, 2019
Please pray, that a Childrens Rosary prayer group will start in Oakham, UK. Thank you
Petición y agradecimiento Ma Elena 6Sep 27, 2019
Por mi familia que se acerque a Dios y agradezco por mi hija que termino su universidad, por un hijo que necesita mucho del Espíritu Santo, por los enfermos, por las peticiones del grupo del Rosario y por la defensa de la vida en Mexico y el mundo.
Oración de intercesión Ma Elena 5Sep 21, 2019
Pido por mi familia que mis hijos no se alejen de Dios, por J que se encuentra en el mal camino
for a Holy Spirit filled children as we start our new Children Rosary in Ghana Blessed Sacrament that God will protect and answer the petitions we present to Him,also Help the to Grow in His Fear and love and also over the social vices in the world with love.
3 people need prayer homelessAnonymous11Sep 13, 2019
pray for Patrick-Mick and Lori please keep on list or share with Holy Families who pray daily Rosary situation is serious Thank you
special intentionsAnonymous5Sep 10, 2019
For my petition(s)...especially my most important.
Por mi situaciones de economía y trabajoAnonymous7Sep 05, 2019
Por mi salud y trabajo y por todos los niños y niñas de todos los paises
Wedding Anonymous6Sep 01, 2019
My daughter is getting married this week. Please pray that she and her husband will have a strong, loving, Christ filled marriage with lots of laughter thrown in for good measure. Thank you!
For all those supporting Children's RosaryAnonymous13Aug 29, 2019
May the Blessed Mother and her Son shower all those supporting Children's Rosary with the graces they need
SantificationAnonymous6Aug 26, 2019
Please pray for the santification of Ms. Victoria, for her to become a little saint.
conversionsNancy 16Aug 25, 2019
Please pray for conversion for my husband and my 29 year old daughter. Pray for my husband's heart to be filled to overflowing with the Holy Spirit to complete conversion. Also please pray for my daughter's understanding to be enlightened to return to the complete faith in Christ and love for the Church that she once held in childhood.
prayers for daughter's illness pleaseMamie 15Aug 23, 2019
My daughter has 6 children ages 1 to 21. She has an aggressive form of rheumatoid arthritis.They have started back to church. Please pray for her, her husband, and children that they will grow in their knowledge and love for the Lord and that God will give them all strength to carry their burdens. Also, if it is God's will, that he will heal her. Thank you so much for any prayers you might say.
Grace of final perseveranceAnonymous11Aug 18, 2019
Please pray for the grace of final perseverance and holy death for Ms. Victoria, please pray for her to go straight to heaven. She is terminally ill.
Prayer for Priest, Fr. S.Anonymous12Aug 16, 2019
Prayer for Fr that he may be guided, directed and enlightened by the Holy Spirit in prayer. For his personal intentions also
My wife's health Mike 14Aug 15, 2019
She has a defective heart valve and needs surgery. It is risky and she has surrendered it to Jesus. Please pray with us for the Blessed Mother's intercession. God Bless you all. Thank you!
Por la Liberacion de Nicaragua y VenezuelaAnonymous5Aug 05, 2019
Liberar a Nicaragua y Venezuela
ConversionMa Elena 5Jul 23, 2019
Pido por. Por tener mucha fe y confianza en un milagro de Dios para mi hija que encuentre su camino y deje las malas amistades
Petición y agradezco Ma Elena 2Jul 23, 2019
Por grupo del Rosario y por mi familia especial por mis y mis hijos
I need a job/Necesito un empleoJavier 3Jul 18, 2019
No tengo trabajo y lo necesito para vivir. Por favor recen por mi. GRACIAS!!
for my familyjohn 4Jul 17, 2019
for my family
Pray for Irish Bishops & Arch BishopsAnonymous7Jul 17, 2019
Please pray for the Bishops & Arch Bishops of Ireland to be lead by the Holy Spirit in everything and that they will support authentic Catholic teaching in our schools
Sick PriestAnonymous6Jul 17, 2019
Please can you pray for a priest that has Parkinsons Disease. He is an excellent priest
Eliminate pests in my homeAnonymous3Jul 15, 2019
Please pray for successful elimination of moths, eggs and larve out of my home and that they will not re-infest the house
Repose of Holy Souls Anonymous2Jul 15, 2019
Please pray for the Holy Souls in my and my husbands family and some other holy souls I am praying for
Special intention for 12 year old sonAnonymous2Jul 15, 2019
Can you pray for an appointment for my son (trying to get one since before Easter) and a special intention regarding this appointment & thereafter
Heavy Financial BurdensAnonymous2Jul 15, 2019
Kindly pray for a suitable prosperous business opportunity for us and for other financial issues that need prayer
Insects in my houseMichelle 2Jul 12, 2019
To successfully eradicate moths, their eggs and larve from my home and that they will not re-infest our home. Same intention for father in laws home
ConversionsAnonymous28Jun 29, 2019
Can you please pray for 8 family conversions that I am praying about, for 10 years. We ask they will see the truth and convert. Thank you
special intention in IrelandAnonymous10Jun 29, 2019
special intention
ConversiónAnonymous20Jun 15, 2019
Pido la conversión de mi familia y la mía, principalmente por el hogar de la familia D. G.
GeneralIsabel 27May 19, 2019
special intentions
For the Holy SoulsAnonymous18May 17, 2019
Please pray for the Holy Souls in Purgatory, may they rest in peace. Amen. Thank you.
For the intersession of St. Andrew Anonymous29May 14, 2019
For my wife and I and our business to be successful
ConversionAnonymous27May 12, 2019
Please pray for Jesus and mother Mary to grant all the graces needed for the conversion and salvation of Sucorinha, Lilia, Alexio, Hillary and Freddy. Also, for Jesus to grant them the grace of final perseverance.
POR mis ni?as sobrinosAnonymous21May 02, 2019
Para que sean persistentes en el rezo del Rosario y forman parte de este grupo
Dios me perdone mis pecadosJavier 25Apr 30, 2019
Dios escuche mis suplicas y darle gracias a Santo Toribio Romo por interceder poor nosotros y a todos Los Santos y Angeles de Dios a Mi virgen Maria en todas sus advocaciones
Por Abbigail S.Cecilia 17Mar 07, 2019
Por Abbigail S.. Una nina de 5 meses con cancer en la sangre. Esta en lucha contra esta enfermedad. Gracias.
Please, prayers for Randy R. Garza 20Mar 01, 2019
Please include my brother Randy in your prayers/Rosary. He is was admitted to the hospital in Texas on 02/28/2019. Please pray for the healing of his kidneys and any other health concerns he may have. Thank you and may God continue to Bless you. UPDATE: 06/23/2019 - after many weeks in the hospital, my brother is now on dialysis 3 times a week and will need a kidney transplant. Please continue to pray for his healing, he is in need of a miracle. Thank you all for your continued prayers. God Bless you all.
Kindly pray for a lady with heavy crossesAnonymous14Feb 20, 2019
Can you pray for E and her family and her intentions
Success of 1 in 10 Rosary Mission in IrelandAnonymous13Feb 20, 2019
We are trying to get 10% to pray the rosary in Ireland & register. When Hungry did this their country began to transform .....Communism fell....Marriages and births are up.....etc
Heavy BurdensAnonymous10Feb 20, 2019
Can you kindly pray for my intentions as I am carrying many heavy burdens. I am praying for 8 family conversions including my husbands for over 8 years and not one of them have converted. Many other crosses too. Thanks
Por mi familia y amigos y los niños del mundo enteroAnonymous12Feb 15, 2019
Por mi conversion y mi sanasion dw alma
Por la Salud de mis FamiliaresAnonymous10Jan 26, 2019
Por la Salud de mis Padres, Tios y otros Famiiares. Por la Conversión de los Pecadores y unas Intenciones al Sagrado Corazón de Jesús.
En Acción de Gracias Gilma 10Jan 25, 2019
Por la salud, el trabajo , la Unión y el amor de Dios
Por varias intencionesAnonymous8Jan 24, 2019
Por la salud de mis famlliares, por la Paz del mundo, por conversión de los pecadores y por unas intenciones especiales. Gracias.
SalvationXavier 14Jan 20, 2019
Please pray for Jesus and mother Mary to grant me all the graces for my conversion and salvation.
Many CrossesAnonymous12Jan 14, 2019
Can you please pray for me and all my intentions as I am carrying many crosses including persecution for my faith in my home (& my children)
Pray for this movement Elvin Pena 12Jan 11, 2019
I would like ask for all the children around the world, ask to god for more groups to pray the rosary in many countrys.
Por los jovenes de El Salvador Anonymous5Jan 10, 2019
Que Dios acabe con la violencia y corrupcion entre la juventud. Que la Paz de Crsto reine en el pais de El Salvador
My brother to return to the Catholic ChurchDeirdre 7Jan 08, 2019
Please pray for my brother Ricky (Erick) to soften his very angry heart towards Catholicism and to return to the Catholic Church . Years ago he was involved in the "worldwide church of god", a cult. He only believes in "sola scriptura" and is a very arrogant Protestant(does not attend any church) in spite of his past sins. He verbally attacked me for being Catholic. All four of us were baptized and raised Catholic (we were not properly catechized) and I am the only one left. I can't discuss anything Catholic(i.e the Saints, Mary) without him bristling. This makes me very sad.
HealthAnonymous10Jan 08, 2019
For health and free of cancer For depth and brother
Return to the FaithAnonymous17Jan 07, 2019
Please pray for my son's A and D and my daughter AM who have fallen away from the Faith and for my 3 grandchildren who will not experience the One truth. Thank you and God Bless you!
Child PrayerHarry 15Jan 07, 2019
Dear Mary, I want to be health in mind and body.
intentionAnonymous12Dec 28, 2018
that my parents wont be seperated