Children’s Rosary Group from St. Gallus, Scheidegg Parish, Germany visits Radio Horeb

The group leader Enrico Pintus wrote, “I would like to share the happy news that a small delegation of our Children’s Rosary group from Scheidegg (Germany) followed the invitation we received from the Christian radio station “Horeb” from Germany based in Balderschwang last Sunday, January 13, 2024, and locally we were able to pray the Glorious Rosary for Fatima Day LIVE in the radio station’s recording studio on behalf of many!”

“It was a very nice experience, and the 5 children (girls) and I really enjoyed this trip to Radio Horeb and the associated prayer service!”

“The action once again showed our group how praying the rosary brings a piece of the world church together and connects us Christians with each other, together with Mary and Jesus, through prayer with God. Yes, today the Holy Mother of God really takes her children by the hand by praying the Rosary, shows them her Son, and thus leads us humans on the right path of peace to God, who is our Father. We can always trust the Mother of God with our concerns and need not fear as she is our strong advocate with our Lord in heaven.”

Source: Children’s Rosary

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