Epiphany 2023


Last Sunday, the Children’s Rosary at St. Thomas the Apostle Church in West Hartford, Connecticut, met for prayers. A tiny nativity scene was set up. As six-year-old Abigail entered the chapel, she immediately saw the Holy Family statues and carried over a gift she had brought. It was a tiny soccer ball for baby Jesus. She positioned Jesus with the ball between his arms (see above). As we began the prayers she returned Baby Jesus to his crib and put the soccer ball beside Him.

She was pleased with her gift. It was a very sweet scene. 

Abigail also decided that she wanted the roses standing around the Holy Family instead of piled on the floor as we usually do. As the rosary was prayed and children took turns placing flowers, all were careful to follow the example she had set (see flowers standing up in the picture above).

Abigail’s sister helped her lead two of the decades. It was a wonderful way to celebrate the Feast of the Epiphany to have the children lead us in the Rosary. We prayed in a special way for all the other members of the Children’s Rosary. In this manner we covered the other members of the Children’s Rosary in prayer as they do for us when they meet. 

Source: Children’s Rosary

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