Need Statue and Rosaries

This was the title of an email we received on May 3rd from a Children’s Rosary group leader in Pakistan. Babu Chand informed us that two new Children’s Rosary groups had formed; they were in need of rosaries, and one group requested a statue. At first I did not see that fulfilling his request for a statue was feasible. Yet two days later when we went to the Post Office box for the Children’s Rosary a large box was waiting. We were surprised to find a large statue inside of Our Blessed Mother.

It seemed this statue was sent even before we received the email requesting one. The donation was beautifully providential. A donation has also been made to help with shipping costs, but we anticipate additional funds will be needed to ship the statue. If anyone is able to help us, please make donations electronically HERE.* Babu Chand sent a picture of the children in one of the new groups below. Since they do not have rosaries, he had them do drawings. 

*Please note that we do not need purchased rosaries. We have many rosary makers that are helping supply us with the rosaries needed to send to groups. For those who want to help our efforts, please help with donations to help us ship materials. Thank you all very much for helping the children!

Source: Children’s Rosary

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