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    On écrit “truste” car ça vient du verbe truster.On écrit “mainmise” en un mot. Pas en deux, ni avec un trait d’union.Quand on rigole des fautes des autres (Sarko et son “inclinaison” personnelle), il faut s’assurer que l’on n’en commet pas soi-même !PS: je suis belge, donc évitez d’y voir de l’arrogance française.

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    Hey Blowfish,Yeah I changed from Kontera to Infolinks as they pay a lot better for this blog.. Kontera is a good program though..The double line example is the same style on both Kontera and ..

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    So were still at the same point which I raised yesterday, as a refutation of Tab’s “analysis” of the PA’s counter-offer:It’s a thinly veiled acceptance of a lockout, its a declaration of war coated in honeyed words for the media and the foolish. But above all else, its a proposal that is just as one-sided, and just as much of a non-starter as the league’s proposal was, with the difference being that, unlike the players, the league has the leverage and the power to stuff what they will down the players throats.

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