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    Apple=Less features…more price.Period. In all areas…computers…phones…etc…how they even have customers is beyond me. Like this Ipad…ok so you get it…even the cheap one…500 bucks…the on screen keyboard is basically a joke…so you pay…whatever extra for that…so now you have a screen and a keyboard…hmmm…what does that look like…oh ya…a netbook…but with no features and 2-3 times the cost…yaaa Apple! lmao

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    I experimented with viewing your site with my ipod touch and the page layout does not seem to be right. Might want to check it out on WAP as well as it seems most cellular phone layouts are not working with your website.

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    Hello, fellow collector. My copy of My Secret Life is a box set, hardbound in two books. You must be warned that the language is quite explicit, and the “Gentleman” might be described as depraved, at best. It’s one of those books you can open at any point, read until you’ve had all you can stand. This might mean one, or two sentences, or more. It is all depending on the thickness of your skin. Remembrance of Things Past is 7 books, and over 3,000 pages. I’d devote a month to it, on your first go around.

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    Typical. Because the President hasn’t taken the country far enough to the left, those who once supported him would now rather go to the right.And you wonder why we’re in such a mess…

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    Red RoseThe more I think about it, the lack of response by the British men is a result of decades of socialism run amok that turns even a simple act of self-preservation a crime in the eyes of the state.If these men were to pursue these Muslim pimps, they would be seen as criminals by the police and punished accordingly. Worse since the Brits went after the special people – Muzzies, it makes it a worse crime.Perhaps the British men should go after to socialist loudmouths in local government who promote this filth. They're the real evil. The Muzzies are just their foot soldiers.

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    Any evening except through the three hot months of summer I have a fire going at the cabin. Usually there is a cast iron kettle boiling just to release moisture into the air, very dry here. Just make your drinking water in the evening when the fire is going anyway. In the city it would be more difficult especially without power.

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    / Rosa, supongo que estarás súper informada de la traición de Feijoo a sus votantes en Galicia por la cuestión de la libertad lingüística que prometió y no cumplió. Así que la mayoría de los que no le vamos a votar en las próximas elecciones votará en blanco o te votará a ti. Prepara un buen equipo y haremos lo imposible para que UPyD tenga representación en el parlamento gallego. Un fuerte abrazo. Un abrazo.

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    , "This is repugnant, people are dying." I questioned my judgement.You live, you learn. I've been blogging in some capacity since 2006, yet crazy negative commenters can still get under my skin! I should be used to it by now. :)Anyway, thank you, so much.

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