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"Turn Then Most Gracious Advocate, Thine Eyes of Mercy Towards Us"

Several years ago Sean, a member of the Children’s Rosary, made a comment at the end of the Rosary.  He said, “I wonder what it would be like for Our Lady to turn her gaze and look right at us?”  Sean, I must share is one

New Children’s Rosary to Meet on Ascension Thursday

The first meeting of the Children’s Rosary at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church in Maple Shade, New Jersey USA will be held tomorrow (May 5th) at 9AM ET.  This new group is being led by two wonderful women: Barbara and Clare.  There i

Mass Offered for Seminarians

Today a Mass was offered for all seminarians that they will grow in holiness and lead us all in love.  his is something the Children’s Rosary does on the first of each month. As our seminarians will be the future shepherds and our children

Getting Ready for May

May: A Time of Abundant Gifts In the Encyclical of Pope Paul VI (Mense Maio) on prayers during May he so beautifully describes how the month of May is a time “long dedicated to Mary, the Mother of God. Our heart rejoices at the thought of the

12 Rosaries "Left Over"

Last night I received a note from one of our Children’s Rosary members from Ohio, USA.  I am including a portion of the note below. “I had a thought while reading your posts tonight.  When reading the one about the 5 barley

A Mass Will be Offered Tomorrow for the Members of the Children’s Rosary

A Mass will be offered tomorrow, through the Capuchin Missions, for all the members of the Children’s Rosary and all who help the Children’s Rosary.  We continue to have a Mass said for the this intention on the 25th of each month. T

Keeping Those in Ecuador in Our Prayers

We recently received word from our Children’s Rosary group leader in Quito, Ecuador following the earthquake there:“We are doing fine but our brothers and sisters from the west coast are very bad”.  As rescuers race to continue

On the Shoulders of the Good Shepherd

Recently we were introduced to a Sister Mary who has begun an orphanage in Tanzania.  The orphanage is named after St. John Vianney.  Through a series of emails we shared with her the Children’s Rosary prayer group movement.  Pro

New Children’s Rosary in Rombo, Kenya

Today we received some beautiful pictures from our new Children’s Rosary group in Rombo, Kenya. This new group held their first meeting in March of 2016 at the St. Charles Lwanga Mission in Rombo.  We are very excited about the formation o