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The Children’s Rosary blog was begun shortly after the formation of the Children’s Rosary. It became a very personal way for the founder of the Children’s Rosary, Blythe Kaufman, to share the day-to-day experiences of members of the Children’s Rosary prayer group movement. While the growth of the Children’s Rosary necessitated a website that had the capacity to register groups and provide a larger infrastructure, the blog remains true to the grassroots nature of this prayer group movement. In the blog, we share our sufferings and blessings. It is also the place where one can see children from around the world meeting in their Children’s Rosary prayer groups. From interior Alaska, USA with its frigid temperatures to children meeting in rural Kenya at the foot of Mt Kilimanjaro, it can all be found HERE. To receive blog posts directly to your email inbox, click here to SUBSCRIBE.

Please note, posts are written primarily in English but occasionally in other languages such as Spanish and French.


  As Christmas approaches we continue to keep vigil. We hope many may consider participating in the Children’s Rosary Patiently Waiting campaign.           

  We were excited to receive this picture from a Children’s Rosary group in Pakistan.                 This Advent Place a Patient 

Amelia, age 9, has sent us a picture of her “Patiently Waiting” sign. She has put it in her window below but with the reflection it is hard to see the sign and her face next to it.  R

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This is eight year old Zosia, who sent us a picture of her “Patiently Waiting” sign at her home. We hope more people will consider participating in the Children’s Rosary Patient

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