Interactive “View from Heaven” Map

Map Functions Explained

What is a View from Heaven?

A View from Heaven is the world as it might be seen from heaven with the Children’s Rosary groups visible as twinkling lights.

As the children come to Our Lord with an open heart and with their innocence one can imagine their prayers rise with a very pure light.  One that travels a great distance to find the heart of their Heavenly Father.  What joy must be found in heaven to see such children praying the Holy Rosary, a prayer so dear to Our Blessed Mother and her Son.  As we know from Scripture, “where two or three are gathered in My Name there am I in their midst” (Matthew 18:20). Through these little prayer groups indeed Our Lord is called down to be with us and hence the light shines all the more brilliantly…illuminating the darkness.

To see such lights growing in number around our tired world a beautiful hope wells.  As more groups form, the lights coalesce forming a stronger brighter light.

The children are praying that more groups will form so they can keep adding to the lights on the map.  While we began by showing the lights of the children meeting in their prayer groups, the children recognize that each person seeing this has the ability to fill the sky with more and more light.  The children are praying that you will join them in prayer.  By unifying prayers and clicking the JOIN IN PRAYER button each person can add their gold light to the map.  Each Children’s Rosary prayer group is asked to pray for those unifying prayers with them. In this way by joining prayers with the children, they are praying for you!

While some may feel they are alone in their prayers a View from Heaven lets children and adults see that we are not alone and our prayers however small have an illuminating effect.

How does the Map Work?

This is a view of earth from heaven.  One can see prayers going up represented as little lights illuminating the sky.  A blinking blue light represents children actively praying in a Children’s Rosary group meeting.  The blinking gold lights are people unifying prayers with the children meeting and with other individuals.

We invite you to join the children in prayer.  The children always pray for those unifying prayers with them.  Don’t forget to click the button: JOIN IN PRAYER to see your light on the map.  If no blue lights are blinking, see our schedule for the next meeting time.  Click on the red dot (Registered Locations) in the legend to see where all our groups are located.

When the website first opens, all registered locations will show as red dots on the map for 5 seconds. In addition, you will see the lights representing prayers: both groups meeting (represented in blue) and those joining in prayer (represented in gold).  After 5 seconds have passed, the red dots will disappear. By clicking on the blue button in the legend you can see only the groups actively meeting. By clicking on the gold light in the legend you can see just those individuals joining in prayer. By clicking on the combined blue and gold light in the legend, you will again see both group meetings (blue) and individuals (gold).

What if the Map does not load on your device or computer?

  • We advise you refresh the page. We find that some browsers, especially Internet Explorer 11 does not always load the map the first time the page displays (but the remaining page elements display). Try refreshing the page.
  • Another reason the map may not display is that your browser is outdated. The map currently works on the latest browsers for: Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Firefox. We have taken a static picture of the map above to show you what it would look like if it did load on your computer.  Even if the map does not display, if you hit the button “join in prayer” your light will be added to the map and others will be able to see you.
  • The map should display on any cell phone with a working browser.