Thank you for your decision to become a Children’s Rosary group leader.  We pray that each group leader and their family will be sanctified through the many prayers of the members and the children.

This is the special Children’s Rosary group leader portal.  You will see the top menu bar is the same as is present for the public part of the site.  The lower menu bar is only for group leaders. Please take some time exploring the different resources we have for you.

Under Group Leader Help you will find “how to guides” for navigating this site and entering new groups, new group leaders, and scheduling meetings. There are also additional tabs under Group Leader Help with our logo, sample flyers, bulletin notices and more. If you click Home you will return to the front page with the View from Heaven Map but the extra menu bar will remain.

Please check this portal frequently as new content and resources are being added especially in different languages.  In the coming months we hope to add an intention list which can be downloaded from the welcome page.  Currently, we humbly ask that all Children’s Rosary groups include in their intention box these several intentions: For all the members of the Children’s Rosary and their families, for all who help the Children’s Rosary, for those unifying prayers with the Children’s Rosary, for those who have asked for the prayers of the Children’s Rosary including the prayers entered on our Children’s Rosary prayer wall.  The intentions of Our Blessed Mother and in thanksgiving to God.

Thank you all so much and please remember to schedule your upcoming meetings. These meetings will appear on our meeting schedule on our Children’s Rosary home page and display as a light on the map when you are actively meeting.

Thank you again.

Your Friend in Christ,

Blythe Kaufman
(Founder of the Children’s Rosary)