Our Children’s Rosary is Now Drawing People from Other Parishes

This week we received a very encouraging email from one a Children’s Rosary group leader from Metuchen Diocese in New Jersey, USA. She wrote:

Our Children’s Rosary is now drawing people from other parishes! Two women came for our July group. They loved it! Now I am going to their Rosary Altar Society in October to talk with them on how to start a Children’s Rosary group in their parish. 

Three days later, I had a call from a woman from another neighboring parish who is joining us in August with her children. She is coming with a friend from another parish who is bringing her children. Both will stay after for me to talk to them about starting up their own Children’s Rosary group in each of their parishes! I will do whatever it takes to assist them! Working for Our Lady’s intentions is so wonderful! She is bringing these people to St. Mary Magdalen de Pazzi Church!

In the spiritual life one realizes that there are dry times and also times of great consolation. We see this too with the Children’s Rosary groups. Sometimes Our Lord is asking us to struggle and wait for even one family to attend and then there are times when we see families coming from not only the home Church but distant Churches. In all situations we praise God! We know in each of these situations our efforts bear fruit and we thank God. 

Source: Children’s Rosary

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