World Meeting of Families Begins in Rome

 There is tremendous excitement here in Rome as the delegates from around the world have arrived. The World Meeting of Families kicked off with the Festival of Families and the Holy Father, Pope Francis was there (see above). 

Even in the line to get into the event we found blessing as we met some tremendous people. We met Archbishop Pettipas of Canada, shown above. He was very excited to hear about the Children’s Rosary. Within the Paul VI Hall we were seated next to two bishops from Mexico and a large Mexican delegation. 

It was a tremendous evening of sharing and meeting new people. We were able to share with Archbishop Eamon Martin (shown below) the wonderful news that at least fifteen new Children’s Rosary groups have formed in Ireland since last October. 

The Mass that was held today in St. Peter’s Basilica was beautiful and started another full day at the Meeting. We hope to continue to share dispatches as the days continue.

Source: Children’s Rosary

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