Feast of St. Isidore the Farmer 2022


The Feast of St. Isidore the Farmer marks the progression of spring, and, as it happens, is the point in the growing season when gardeners can begin to plant their tender vegetables in Connecticut, USA. We do not anticipate another frost, although such cold snaps cannot be ruled out completely. We continue to chronical our gardening experiences through Our Lady’s Victory Garden website and You Tube Channel. As J.R.R. Tolkien said very well, “All my own perception of beauty both in majesty and simplicity is founded upon Our Lady.” In the same spirit we dedicated this Victory Garden to Our Lady where we do enjoy the beauty of God’s creation and embrace a simplicity of life that Our Lady modeled.  

This gardening journey on our 1/4 acre is our way of life and we want to humbly share it with others. Prayer has brought us to seek simplicity of life. Simplicity of life is not unattainably difficult; indeed, we have found a form of it just steps outside our back door in the garden. We have felt great graces flowing and great joy during these days as all of nature bursts forth with color and heavenly smells. One experiences great joy when a dinner is brought to the table with food that has come from the garden.


One of our latest treasures has been the preparation of dandelions from our yard. These have contributed to at least three healthy meals. Most see these greens with the yellow flowers as a nuisance in their yards, but they can be prepared very easily and are delicious. We provide the recipe on our site, www.ourladysvictorygarden.com.

Source: Children’s Rosary

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