Preparing for May 2022

The Month of May has long been dedicated to Mary. In the Encyclical, Mese Maio, Pope Paul VI describes the special opportunity we have to offer more prayers during this month to Our Heavenly Mother and the special graces that are available:

For this is the month during which Christians, in their churches and their homes, offer the Virgin Mother more fervent and loving acts of homage and veneration; and it is the month in which a greater abundance of God’s merciful gifts comes down to us from our Mother’s throne.
We would like to offer some ideas of ways to make this May special:

We begin by sharing a picture of the Child Jesus. In preparation for May, we have dressed Him in blue. Looking at the Child Jesus, in those beautiful Marian colors, one is reminded how the Child Jesus loved his Mother. How He surely must have done special things for his Mother to make her happy and share His love. Following in this simplicity we try to do the same. Our Lord gave Mary to us as Our Mother and likewise it is very good that we too should give her gifts and honor her. Such kindness must please Our Lord very much as any son would like to see his mother respected and cherished. 

1) A Home Marian Procession
Recently one of our Children’s Rosary group leaders, shared a tradition she holds in her home. She and her husband along with their children hold a Marian Procession once a month. May will be no exception. She explained that her youngest child carries a candle and leads the procession. A statue of Mary is carried and each of the children carries a picture of Mary. A Marian Hymn is played in the background (which is on repeat). The family has an incensor and that is carried by her husband as the family walks through the home. Once each room has been visited the family comes together and crowns Our Lady. The family then says some short prayers usually ending with a Hail Mary. They hold their monthly procession on a Feast day. This outline can be customized in your home. Many might not have an incesor but one can imagine sprinkling some holy water through the house as a nice addition. The procession could be simplified by carrying a picture of Our Lady through the house. 

2) Crowning of Our Lady at a Church or School
One idea for Children’s Rosary groups in May is to hold a Crowning of Mary at their Church or School. This works very nicely right before a Children’s Rosary group meeting. Children can be gathered at the back of the Church. They can process in together singing a Marian hymn. We have included Hail Holy Queen sung by children on our Glorious CD which is perfect to be played to accompany the children in song. The children could each carry a flower and place it before Our Lady. The last child, often the youngest, can crown Our Lady. After Our Lady is crowned the children can kneel and begin the Rosary. We have step by step instructions with pictures of how to plan a May Crowning HERE.

3) Offer a daily 9 hour Novena to Our Lady in May
At the top of each hour offer three Hail Marys for Our Lady’s intentions. Keep the intention simple – purely for Our Lady’s intentions. St. John Vianney was fond of praying a Hail Mary at the top of each hour. Likewise before Easter I too began this little effort for Our Lady. As I have a joint disability, I can’t wear a watch and I also do not carry a cell phone so I was a bit worried about not knowing the time. One of my children has been trying to help me to remember. Sometimes I do forget and I find it is 10 minutes past the hour and I say the prayers then. Yet as time is going by I find more and more I remember just before the top of the hour. There is a new awareness of time passing and an excitement to remember Our Lady each hour that passes. My humble suggestion is don’t give up if you miss an hour. Recently I have been pretty sick and the novena has been a real blessing since I have been too sick to walk to daily Mass. When you lose a bit of your routine this is a wonderful way to create one in a simple and beautiful way. 

4) Help a Children’s Rosary group receive Rosaries
We received a note on Sunday from the Children’s Rosary group leader in Pakistan. There are approximately 18 Children’s Rosary groups in his diocese and a new group is forming that needs Rosaries. He also let us know, we need more rosaries as you know next month is May. He indicated that all groups will pray daily in church. He concluded with this request, so send us more rosaries as early as possible. A large flat rate package to Pakistan costs $92.00. May is a very busy time for us. There are many individuals who would like to begin groups but need materials. There are also groups that are expanding that need more rosaries. Help us continue to respond to these requests. Give Our Lady the gift of more children meeting together in Children’s Rosary prayer groups to pray the Rosary. Donations can be made out to Children’s Rosary and mailed to 
PO Box 271743
West Hartford, CT 06127 USA
Donations can be made electronically HERE.

5) Purchase a ten pack of Children’s Rosary books and give them away. 

Each Children’s Rosary book is a seed for a new group. Even if you have no idea who you would give one to…order a 10 pack anyway. They will go. Begin carrying one in your pocket or purse and see how fast it goes. Our Lady has a way of putting you in places with people who could use it. Ask Our Lady and the Holy Spirit to find homes for the books. Though you may not know the fruits of this little gift given to Our Lady here on earth, trust that Our Lady makes use of every opportunity given to her to reach souls…especially children. What great merit will be given to a soul that tries to bring little ones to Our Lady and through her to Jesus. Books can be ordered in the United States HERE. Books can be ordered in Europe HERE. Our full collection of Children’s Rosary materials is provided with each link.

6) Join in Prayer
Help to illuminate our View from Heaven map as a gift to Our Lady. Let her see our tired world illuminated in prayer. Pick a time each day and visit our website: 
Click “join in prayer” and unify prayers with Children’s Rosary prayer groups and other individuals praying. Your gold flashing light will twinkle for 30 minutes. Others around the world can see your light and this can be an invitation to others to also join in prayer. Watch our short video to see the View from Heaven with lights from Children’s Rosary groups as well as individuals joining in prayer. VIDEO

7) Learn How to Pray the Rosary
Maybe you never learned how to pray the Rosary. This month as a gift to Our Lady learn how to pray the Rosary. We have many resources available for free on our website. Click HERE to learn more.

Source: Children’s Rosary

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