8,497 Handmade Rosaries Leave for Tanzania!


On the last day of our anniversary novena of Masses, we had a wonderful gift. One large barrel of handmade rosaries left for Tanzania. As it is always better to give then receive, we felt great joy seeing the rosaries that so many individuals had worked to make with love leave for their destination of Moshi, Tanzania. 

The barrel contained not only rosaries but also a large Children’s Rosary banner, 5 Children’s Rosary t-shirts, 40 Children’s Rosary books, and 1 Child Consecration book.

This barrel will be loaded into a shipping container and make a long sea voyage to Africa. 

Once in Dar es Salaam, it will travel over land to the diocese of Moshi.  Fr. William Ruwaichi, who is the Education Director for the Catholic Diocese of Moshi, waits to receive these rosaries. This past week he wrote of new groups he had helped to establish in the neighboring diocese. The following message accompanied the picture below. 

Some children in Kahama Diocese in Tanzania praying rosary on Sunday evening.  Fr. Ulrick Riziki helped me to form the group. We have about nine groups in Kahama.”

The bottom picture is from the Children’s Rosary at Fr. Ruwaichi’s parish of Holy Mary- Mnazi Mmoja, Moshi Diocese. He also wrote of his hope to continue to spread the Children’s Rosary groups in more primary schools. The rosaries and materials included in this barrel will help with his efforts. Thank you to all who helped through prayer, financial donations, and those who made all the rosaries. May God bless you all.

Source: Children’s Rosary

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