A Crown for Our Lady

This week we received this beautiful picture of Scarlett-Maria, age 7, Crowning Our Lady. Scarlett-Maria is from Hale Barns, England, United Kingdom and is interested in starting a Children’s Rosary prayer group at her parish. 

We wanted to share this crowning as well as the one we held during our Children’s Rosary prayer group last weekend at St. Thomas Church in West Hartford, Connecticut USA. The youngest child attending the Rosary was chosen to crown Our Lady. This was Ingrid. 

Ingrid seemed very pleased with her efforts and looked at Our Lady with her crown of fresh flowers. 

Families continued to be spread out in the chapel during the Rosary but we were very excited to be able to hold a procession and May Crowning. 

For step by step instructions on how to plan a Crowning of Mary click HERE

Source: Children’s Rosary

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