Preparing a Soul to Receive Jesus for the First Time

It is an awesome task to prepare a soul to receive Jesus for the first time. The word awesome is being used in its original meaning not the slang meaning it has come to be associated. How does one adequately convey the grandeur of such a moment to a soul who may be as young as 7?

This month a photo was sent of two children who have been a part of the Children’s Rosary for many years. They received First Holy Communion together but their mothers each lead Children’s Rosary prayer groups at a different parishes. John’s mom, Valerie, started one of our first Children’s Rosary groups. It is located at St. Agnes Parish in Naples, Florida USA. Even though the family has moved to Ave Maria, Florida they have kept up their monthly Children’s Rosary in Naples. When I asked Valerie how long John had participated in the Children’s Rosary she said, “John’s whole life!” 

Sara’s mother, Veronica, is the group leader at Ave Maria Parish in Ave Maria, Florida. Sara has been participating in the Children’s Rosary over the past 4 years. As I looked at the picture they sent, it harkened to images we have seen of Jacinta and Francisco of Fatima. Little Sara has a scapular around her neck. The two children hold a picture of the Body and Blood of Christ surrounded by a Rosary. It is interesting that the Rosary is drawing all the attention to the Eucharist. A second picture was sent. It provided the wide shot of the children. They were not simply standing by a wall they were beneath Our Blessed Mother. I am reminded of my own son, a member of the Children’s Rosary.  At his First Holy Communion when we were walking to the car to leave he asked us to wait and he ran around the outside of the Church to a statue of Our Lady to see her.

It is remarkable that the children who are part of the Children’s Rosary seem to be drawn to be close to their Heavenly Mother on such a day as their First Holy Communion. They have spent time in prayer of the Rosary. Fifty three Hail Mary’s are said in each Rosary. Each Hail Mary asks for the prayers and intercession of Mary. In faith we know Our Lady hears those prayers. Surely when these sweet children ask for Her prayers She does pray for them. For Sara and John, the majority of their life they have prayed the Rosary regularly in their Children’s Rosary prayer group. Surely this time helps in the preparation for a soul to receive Our Lord.  It is a great comfort, as a parent, to see Our Lady watching over the preparation of our children to receive Our Lord for the first time. Our Lady, known also by the title Seat Of Wisdom, knows the best way to prepare a tender soul. We are so grateful Blessed Mother for your assistance for such an important task as preparing a young soul to receive Jesus for the first time. Thank you.

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