When a Person Falls in Love with Jesus

On Sunday, Tran, a member of the Children’s Rosary will travel to Bein Hoa to visit a leper community. These people, he explained, have been shunned due to their illness and live together in a community of approximately 100 people. Tran and other members of the Children’s Rosary have visited this community before and shared food with them and also prayed with them. To celebrate the Easter season, Tran plans to bring noodles, canned food and fruit to share with these people who suffer and live in great poverty.

As today is the Feast of St. Damian, who ministered to the lepers in Hawaii, I could not help but see the beautiful connection. It is a common love of Jesus which brings these souls to see past the exterior and share love to their neighbors.  

Tran is a teenager and despite his young age he has helped begin many Children’s Rosary prayer groups in his native country of Vietnam. It is love that draws him to do all that he does.  He is a witness of the fruits that come when a person falls in love with Jesus. It is our hope through the Children’s Rosary that many children will fall in love with Our Lord. 

The pictures included in this post are from prior visits Tran has made to this leper community to help them. 

St. Damian pray for us. Amen
Source: Children’s Rosary

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