Barrels Arrive in Uganda – God’s Providence Never Fails in Its Designs

Yesterday on our website we announced the upcoming trip to Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. Unbeknownst to us, yesterday was also the day the two barrels we sent filled with rosaries arrived in Uganda. The first of these two barrels we sent in August of last year the second in October. We knew that transport by ship would take a long time but many factors delayed these barrels far longer then anyone predicted. In total, the two barrels contain 13,152 rosaries. We also sent over 1,000 Children’s Rosary books. At the time we sent the barrels we had no idea we would be traveling to Africa and we never could have foreseen that we would be the ones to pack the barrels and also help in unpacking them. 

It is estimated that it will take one or two weeks for the barrels to pass through the customs check. The tentative plan is that these barrels will be brought to Mityana which is our first stop when we visit Uganda. In this way, we can help carry some of these materials to the different Children’s Rosary groups we visit in various dioceses throughout Uganda.

Indeed the timing of the arrival of these barrels is providential. They arrive during Our Lady’s month of May and in perfect timing for the visit to Uganda. Praise God for arranging things so beautifully.

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