Upcoming Trip to Kenya,Tanzania and Uganda!

Dear Friends,
Recently we shared that 13 schools in Uganda have begun School-wide Children’s Rosary groups involving over 3,000 children. A new Children’s Rosary group was also begun in Thithia School in Kenya. Thus far the news of these new groups has been coming through priests and group leaders. We are excited to share that there is a trip planned to visit Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda this June. 

While we will not be able to visit all the Children’s Rosary groups in these countries given the vast distances that in some cases separate groups, we will be visiting many. In Uganda, we will be visiting 5 Dioceses. In Kenya we will travel to Sultan Hamud a relatively rural area outside of Nairobi. From this location, which is home to the Maasai tribe, we will go several hours distance to a remote place where new Children’s Rosary groups have formed near Tsavo National Park. We will then drive into Tanzania and visit Children’s Rosary groups in Arusha, Moshi and the area around Lake Chala. From Tanzania we will drive back into Kenya to visit Children’s Rosary groups in Mombasa and Malindi. Some of the children involved with the Children’s Rosary in Malindi, Kenya are shown in the two pictures featured with this post. We also look forward to meeting Fr. Martin, Sr. Angelina and Sr. Irene who are shown with the children below. Our trip will begin on June 3rd, the Feast of the Ugandan Martyrs, and we will leave Africa on the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, June 26th. 

Some of you may be aware that I have a genetic disability that among many things affects joints. Due to a collagen defect which causes instability of the joints, I can not longer drive or even do simple things like open a door or life a glass full of water. Travel is extremely difficult. Yet in prayer, the Lord has opened my heart to the idea of going to Africa. There is a peace and confidence about this trip and surprisingly my heart has no fear about the many unknowns. I do humbly ask for your prayers as our family makes this long journey to a place very far from our home in Connecticut USA. We look forward to sharing what we see and experience through our blog. So please follow along with us. We will carry you in our hearts. Some regions do not have internet connections so we surely will have more complete reports coming when we get back but we will try when possible to provide updates along the way.

Thank you friends for your support.
United in prayer

Your Friend in Christ,
Source: Children’s Rosary

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