Days of Thanksgiving

Yesterday was the 8th Anniversary of the Children’s Rosary. In anticipation of the anniversary a nine day novena of Masses was completed leading up to the Anniversary. Beginning on April 1st 2019, and for 9 days three Masses a day were said for the fulfillment of Our Lady’s plans for the Children’s Rosary. On April 10th, our anniversary, a novena of Masses was begun in thanksgiving. These will conclude on Holy Thursday. Each day 3 Masses are being said in Thanksgiving. 

These days of thanksgiving are some of my most favorite. Things become very simple. There is also a trust that comes. We trust God has heard our prayers for the fulfillment of Our Lady’s plans for the Children’s Rosary. Now our role is to thank Him through prayer. We walk forward not knowing what lies ahead. We are seeing that often some of God’s greatest gifts are trials that strengthen our faith. Through these trials we learn even greater trust in Him and grow in childlike simplicity….knowing God is in control of all the parts. We see more clearly that Our Lady’s plans may draw us to work that may be interior and less exterior. While I had thought that our 8th anniversary might be highlighted by an announcement of a project we had hoped would be completed, I saw that instead Our Lord last night was drawing our family into a deeper level of prayer and understanding of God’s love for us. Maybe others of you who are part of the Children’s Rosary are feeling drawn to a deeper level of prayer and also a greater awareness of God’s sacrifices for us through Jesus’ Passion. 

I thank those who so kindly made donations to help us with this Novena of Masses. In total 54 Masses will be said. May God bless you.

United in prayer
Source: Children’s Rosary

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