Greetings from Kenya – Sultan Hamud Children’s Rosary group

This week we received a letter from Fr. Wachira in Kenya. Enclosed in the envelope was the postcard above. 

He writes:
Greetings from Kenya – Sultan Hamud Children’s Rosary group. In the photo are Maasai Warriors from Kenya. They are there in Sultan Hamud Parish. May Our Mother pray for us all her children. 

-Fr. Wachira

We share this post card as a glimpse into the parishes where the Children’s Rosary exists. Through the simplicity of the children’s prayers many diverse people are knitted together. Indeed the children form a tapestry of prayer that extends across the globe. It is the beauty of each culture that adds to this tapestry. For many children they may wonder, do other children pray? The Children’s Rosary stands as a witness of the prayers of children throughout the world. 

We also received word this week that Fr. Wachira would like to begin celebrating Masses for the Children’s Rosary all over the world. We will be in contact to set certain dates for these Masses. We are most grateful for this kind gift to all those who are involved with the Children’s Rosary. 

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