What Does a Rosary on a Patter Do?

What does a rosary on a platter do? Nothing by itself. But put that rosary in the hand of a child and help them to use it? Now that can change the trajectory of that soul in life. Experiences children have when they are young shape them. 

In the photo above, we see a member of the Children’s Rosary in Pakistan. She is not part of a new Children’s Rosary group, she participates in an existing one that is growing in numbers…so many in fact that they were without rosaries for all of the children. We send boxes of rosaries to new and existing groups throughout the world and the rosaries go fast.

Is there a need in the world to support the prayer lives of children? Absolutely!! They need us. Our Lord needs us to bring Him the children in prayer. He does all the heavy lifting in the soul but He needs the dialogue to be opened in prayer within their hearts. The Rosary is a simple way He can begin to establish a friendship in the hearts of children that will last a lifetime and beyond.

Is it as simple as putting a rosary on a platter? Yes, it can be that simple if the rosaries are being given in the context of a Children’s Rosary prayer group where the children use the rosaries in prayer. 

Thank you to all those that help the Children’s Rosary.

Find out how you can start a Children’s Rosary in your parish or school.
Source: Children’s Rosary

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