New Children’s Rosary Group at St. Stephen School in Kenya

We received good news today from Br. Cleophus. A new Children’s Rosary group is forming at St. Stephen School in Kenya. This is in the town of Masimba. This is in a very remote part of Kenya on the border of Tsavo National Park. Tsavo National Park is one of the oldest and largest parks in Kenya. There are no roads, running water or electricity in this region. There are also no schools at least except for one. Br. Cleophus is working with the children in this newly formed school that currently has 40 children. He is very excited to initiate the Children’s Rosary within the school. The new group plans to hold their first meeting in 2 weeks and meet twice a week on Monday and Thursday mornings.

There is also a new Children’s Rosary forming at St. Mary’s Church which is an outpost of Sultan Hamud Parish. This is in the same region as St. Stephen School. We received word that the package we sent with rosaries for these children has arrived at the post office. They hope to pick up the rosaries next week. 

We welcome the children from St. Stephen School and also those at St. Mary’s Church in Kenya to the Children’s Rosary.

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