Celebrating Music and Dance on the Feast of St. Cecilia!

On this beautiful Feast of St. Cecilia, patron of musicians, may I share with you a celebration held this past Sunday with the Children’s Rosary at Holy Family Entarara Catholic Church. The children gathered to celebrate the formation of the Children’s Rosary at their Church. They have been meeting weekly since the early summer but this past Sunday was a special celebration of the launch of this new group. Br. Cleophus attended and prayed with the children. There was singing and dancing.

The children meet each Sunday. We humbly invite you to join the children in prayer. The children pray for all those unifying prayers with them. Visit our new Children’s Rosary website www.childrensrosary.org  to see a schedule of meetings. When a group is meeting a blue light will blink on the View from Heaven map. If you choose to unify prayers with the children you can simply click the “Join in Prayer” button and you can become a gold light on the map. If you come to the site and the map is dark may we humbly invite you to begin praying with the desire to unify prayers with members of the Children’s Rosary and click the “Join in Prayer” button. In this way you become a light in the night sky and the next person seeing your light may choose to unify prayers with you.

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Source: Children’s Rosary

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